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A Hand Up For Houston Families

Help Houston families facing housing eviction transition to improved income and financial stability

About this Giving Opportunity

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Please help me support a Houston family by raising $8,500 for Raise Up Families' Hand Up Program during the month of March. 

With just $8,500, Raise Up Families’ Hand Up Program can transition a family in 9 months from housing eviction to improved income, financial stability and kids exceling in school.  Reduced employment opportunities, business shuddering, global pandemic, and recent extreme winter weather is taking a toll on low-income families in Houston.  For some families, this means facing eviction from their home.  Housing instability can lead to repeatedly changing schools for some children, which impairs a child’s education and social development.  

RaiseUp Families (“RUF”) seeks to ensure Houston-area kids have consistency in school by stabilizing housing for families facing eviction.  Through RUF’s 9-Month Hand Up Program, qualifying families achieve stability that allows 100% of the participating families’ children to have a stable school environment. 

What does the 9-Month Hand Up Program provide?

  • comprehensive case management, including development of a self-sufficiency plan, supportive counseling, and advocacy,
  • interim financial assistance to remain in housing and for basic living expenses (e.g., rent, utilities and childcare), and
  • job-related education and training to ensure financial independence at program completion.

What will your donation provide?

  • $5,000 = 9 months' subsidized rent for 1 family
  • $1,200 = 1 month’s rent, utilities, apartment application fees, and a child’s bed  
  • $500 = 2 months' safe, after-school care for 1 child while a parent is working
  • $300 = 1 month’s utilities
  • $100 = 3 months' transportation for 1 adult to and from work 
  • $50 = 30-minute counseling session with licensed clinician (essential to healing those who experienced the trauma of homelessness)
  • $25 = 1 month’s internet service for families (via school district rate)

Every $1 generates an estimated $20 in long-term value to participating families and the community through improved earnings and reduced dependence on safety-net services.

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Houston, Texas, 77055-4258, United States

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